Sparrow’s Flight

Savage World, #1

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

It’s been five months since an immunization for the flu collapsed civilization.

Sparrow Gray had nothing to her name but the backpack she carried and the meager contents inside. Utterly alone, she fought to survive daily. Everyone was a suspected foe, and the ones unlucky enough to be infected were nothing more than walking corpses.

Mason, an ex-Navy SEAL, and Asher, a back-alley fighter, found each other at an unlikely time. The two never thgouht they’d find pleasure each other’s arms. Then came Sparrow, and both realized they wanted her as badly as they wanted each other.

And they meant to make that their reality.

The world was a dangerous, ugly place, and their trip was filled with fear, pain, and everything in between. But when Sparrow was taken by men who wanted to use her for the only commodity left in this barren world, Mason and Asher would do everything in their power to get her back safely.

But could Mason and Asher get to her before all hell broke loose?

Reader note: This story was previously published under the same title. It has since been reedited, minimally revised, and new content has been added. Material may be sensitive to some readers. Contains MMF scenes.

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