Raven’s Hell

Savage World, #2

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

Collin Suthers was a kingpin of the underground before the world ended. But the destruction of civilization, the degradation and brutality, weren’t so different than the life he was used to.

He was never considered a good man, and dealing in things that were illegal on every scope, he felt no remorse in the acts he committed. But that world was now gone, and in its place was a vicious hell.

Being savage was the only way to survive, and what he was after, the only thing that could alleviate the solitude and isolation, the bone-deep loneliness of being utterly alone… was a woman.

Rebecca Shaw had always been a survivor, so when the life she once knew ended, she was no stranger to having to fight tooth and nail to stay above water.

When three men ambush her, she knew she couldn’t take them all on, telling herself this was the end. She’d fight to the death.

And then Collin arrived, a beast of a man, a savage who took out her threat with little effort. She couldn’t help but wonder if the possessive side Collin showed toward her was more dangerous than the savage world itself.

Collin wouldn’t leave Rebecca. He couldn’t. Now that he found her, his obsession for the fiery female grew daily.

When it came to something he wanted—Rebecca—he wouldn’t ever give it up.

She was his now.

Reader note: This story was previously published under the same title. It has since been re-edited, parts revised, and new content has been added. Material may be sensitive to some readers.

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