A Taboo Short, #4


I’ve been a figure in her life for longer than I can even remember, and although I was married to her mother at one time, my feelings for Poppy have grown over the years. She’s smart and beautiful and knows what she wants in life. I shouldn’t want anything to do with her sexually: she’s much younger and we have a past. But I want her, and screw anyone that says I can’t have Poppy.

I should be ashamed that I jerk off thinking of her, that I can’t even get hard with another woman. But I’m not. I’ll have her, one way or another, and damn the consequences.


He was married to my mom at one point, been a person I’ve looked up to and respected. However, things have changed… I’ve changed. I shouldn’t want Alexei because of the history we share, but I’m an adult and have needs. And he’s the only man I’ve ever wanted.

This is wrong, taboo, but I am tired of being proper or appropriate when it comes to Alexei.

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