A Taboo Short, #5


I wanted her like a fiend, but she was off-limits, the sister of a fellow fighter. But because I was a bastard I didn’t care, even if I should. She was sweet and innocent, and I was this dirty asshole that had my fair share of women. She deserved better, but even knowing that I couldn’t help but go after her.

I wouldn’t even try and talk myself out of it.


I knew I shouldn’t want him. He was bad news, cocky, and had a reputation that should have made me run in the other direction. But there was something inside of me that was drawn to him. His bad boy persona was like gasoline to the fire raging inside of me. If I were smart, I’d walk away.

I wasn’t smart when it came to Malachi.

But having him would cause problems, especially if my brother Rowdy found out, and I knew sooner or later he would. I had to ask myself if one night with Malachi was really worth all the repercussion that would come from it.

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