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With no family to help celebrate the holiday season, Delaney threw herself into her work, knowing that falling behind would do nothing but give the upper hand to a man she loathed.

And desired.

Ivan was wealthy, arrogant, had been born with a silver spoon shoved right in his … mouth.
Delaney was the opposite.

She’d had to work for everything she’d accomplished in life. So, it was almost laughable that they were both up for the same promotion.

She might despise Ivan and everything he stood for, but she also wanted him, and that had her hating herself even more.

When a snowstorm trapped them alone in the office all night, Delaney tried her best to keep her distance and restrain herself from throwing caution to the wind and giving herself to Ivan in every way that counted.

He was a businessman that brought the meaning of cocky to a whole other level.
And she found that frustrating as much as she did arousing.

There was only one way to stay warm when there was a city-wide blackout, and that included them crossing the no-fraternization policy and shedding those layers.

But it was clear Ivan wasn’t going to let her have just one night.

He wanted one thing.

Delaney as his.

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