Under Two Billionaire Brothers

The Billionaires, #2

Max and Ian McKnight, billionaire brothers and playboys, can have any woman they want. And they pretty much have. Because of that, Lola Shyne knows she shouldn’t want them in the worst possible way, and besides, she’s their maid and a woman beneath their radar.

When Max and Ian show a sexual interest in Lola she knows it would be wrong to indulge, but her body is screaming to accept. At war with her mind and body, Lola finally succumbs to her arousal and gives in to the potent and addicting McKnight brothers.

But once it’s all said and done Lola finds herself running from her feelings and the two men she left in her bed. Max and Ian aren’t having any of that, not when they make it perfectly clear that they want more from her than just a one night stand.

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