The Hunter

Monsters and Beauties, #2

What if the big bad wolf kidnapped Little Red Riding Hood solely for his pleasure?

After my grandmother passed away, it left me with this feeling of emptiness. I had a dead-end job, no friends or family, and I was trying to navigate this new world while being utterly alone.

The perfect solution? Take a once in a lifetime trip to Alaska and reconnect with the wilderness and all the things that make me happy.

Being isolated in a cabin with no electricity, running water, or cell service sounded perfect until I roughed it in the wild and realized this might not have been the best idea.

Things were going great until they weren’t, and I realized I wasn’t alone. It was the hunter, and I was its prey.

And when I finally came face-to face with my stalker, it wasn’t anything I could have pictured in my wildest dreams.

He was a monster, a literal furry, huge werewolf looking beast that said he chose me as his mate, and I was now his.

It took me to his lair where he touched me, licked me… gave me pleasure. And despite knowing I had to fight him and this new reality, I wanted more.

Wolf might be terrifying to look at, bigger and stronger than anything I could ever imagine, but his sole purpose was to please me.

The real question was, did I ever want to go back to civilization and the life I once knew?

* A Little Red Riding Hood Reimagining. 



Primal / chase / hunter and prey / cum play and marking / stalking / praise / biting / breeding / ass play / kidnapping / captive / Dubcon / Pearl necklace / tail play / size difference / Teratophilia / Somnophilia / knotting / blood play / violence / gore / murder on page / Monster f*cking (like literally) / forced proximity

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