The Brothers Virgin Captive

The Virgin Auctions, #5

Anna Milovich was born to be in the virgin auctions whether she liked it or not. When it’s her turn to stand on the auction block she is horrified to find out her future husband is a sadistic and cruel man. But then she is drugged and kidnapped and taken away from the only life she has ever known. She just doesn’t know if it’s a blessing or a nightmare.

Anna realizes it isn’t just one brother that has her, but two, and one of them is the only man she has ever wanted—Luca Graison. With fear of being found by her family and the man that bought her, she has no choice but to let the Graison brothers protect and take care of her. She may have always dreamed of her independence, but Anna can’t deny the comfort she feels surrendering her mind and body to the brothers.

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