The Best Mistake

Not Just Friends, #1

Release Date: NOW AVAILABLE!

One drunken night, Shoshanna Clarke let her inhibitions go and said yes to Toby Mason.

But it wasn’t just one night of fun because sleeping with the town bad boy ended up completely changing her life.

Everything changed for Toby after the night he shared with Shoshanna. He knew he’d never want anyone else, but fear of scaring her away with his need to keep her close left Toby not saying anything.

She’s a good girl, and he’d been known for being the bad boy. But before Toby could tell Shoshanna he wanted her for more than that one encounter, he was forced to leave town due to a family emergency.

Finding out she was pregnant after a one-night-stand wasn’t ideal, especially not when the father left town and she had no way of contacting him. It wasn’t until Toby’s return that she had to finally face her new reality and tell him everything.

But was Toby ready to be a father? Was he ready to start a family with her? Or was their one night all he wanted?

Reader note: This was previously published as Her Best Mistake. It’s been re-covered, re-titled, and re-edited, but the story itself is the same. It may have material sensitive to some readers.

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