A BEARy Happily Ever After

Bear Clan, #6

Release Date: NOW LIVE!


An alpha, bear-shifting virgin who was saving himself for his mate.
That’s what I was. And I was fine with that, because saving myself for the one female who was meant to be mine was the only thing I ever wanted. 
A lone bear without a mate was a depressing thing. And even though I knew she was out there—the other half to my soul—I was beginning to think there was no happily ever after for me.

Until I saw another male lusting after her. There was no way I could control myself. She was mine, and if that meant kicking the ass of the man who wanted her… then so be it.

Rue would be mine.


It started with a swim in the lake, and then suddenly there was a possessive bear shifter tackling my friend to the ground for touching my hair. It ended with me being pressed up against a tree, staring into the dark eyes of a feral man who claimed I was his mate… that he wouldn’t stop until I was his, until I was marked as his.

And as much as I knew being mated to Damon meant my life would be forever changed, knowing he would never let me go, would scare off any male who even looked in my direction, all I wanted was to be with him.

All I wanted was to wear his mark.

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