Take Me Under

The Bratva, #2

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

Sergei wasn’t a good man. As a member of the Bratva—the Russian mafia—all he knew was violence, brutality, and being a savage. But the moment he saw Zoey, he wanted her, not just in his bed, but to protect her, keep her close… safe.

She carried this vulnerability and innocence around her like a second skin, but she was also a fighter, a warrior.

But he was the last thing she should be around.

After running from an abusive relationship, Zoey tried to regain control of her life by starting over in a new town.

She began to find reasons to move forward, to be happy. And against all odds, against all the horror she’d seen in her life, Zoey found herself wanting a dark and mysterious man.

A dangerous one.

Zoey knew who and what Sergei was, and even though she should be terrified, she couldn’t help but be irrevocably drawn to him.

It wasn’t until her past came back to haunt her that she truly saw the lengths he’d go to protect her.

Reader note: This story was previously published under the same title. Although it’s been re-edited and re-covered, the story is the same. This story does have sensitive material, including DV. Please read with caution.

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