Mate Her

The Warriors of Hades

Release Date: Coming July 26, 2021

Minka was a human, a dying species that was both weaker and more vulnerable than any other being in the galaxy. Because of this, humans were hunted down and taken to the intergalactic auctions to be sold.

Brawn, Thorque, and Lukin were warrior brothers from the planet Hades. Because their need for finding a female and procreating with her had come upon them, they were in search of one to share.

But when they were forced to land on a planet infested with dangerous beasts, the last thing they thought they’d find was their human mate.

When demon-looking warriors rescued Minka from certain death, she knew there would be a price to pay. She just didn’t know that price was to mate all three of them, or to be the mother of their alien babies.

*If you’re looking for straight-up sci-fi sm*t, where one human woman gets to keep 3 sexy alpha aliens all to herself, look no further! *

READER NOTE: This title was previously published under the same title in 2014. It has since been recovered, reedited, and minor plot points tweaked throughout the story. If you read this title before, nothing significant has changed within the story.

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