Keep Her Close

Bacelli Crime Family, #1

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

The King of Bourbon.
Boss of the Bacelli Crime Family.
That’s who Joey Bacelli was.
The “family” was made up of violence, gore, and death, and it’s all Joey had ever known.
He reveled in it.
Joey was a man who was used to getting everything he wanted, except for the one woman that continuously denied him.
And it’s that rejection from her, the disinterest she showed, and her lack of fear in who and what he was, that turned Joey on even more.
It made him obsessed, so much so he’d stop at nothing to make Marra his.
Marra Santos knew Joey was a dangerous man, and it’s because of who he is that kept her at an arm’s length. But the truth was, she wanted him with a desperation that scared her more than the man himself.
When she’s witness to a murder and her life was in danger, the only man she could turn to was Joey.
Now at Joey’s mercy and in his debt, Marra knew he’d make her repay him in the one way he’d always wanted.
To be his completely.
Reader note: This story was previously published under the title A Bad Man: Joey. It has since been re-edited, minimally revised, and new content added. Contents may be sensitive to some readers.

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