Bleeding Mayhem, MC #1

A re-release published under the same title. This story has been re-edited, content added and removed, and will have a new cover.


  • Violence
  • Gore
  • Abuse and violence toward heroine (from secondary character)
  • Ass play
  • Drug use
  • Rough, consensual sex
  • Graphic sexual situations between hero and other women (not while with the heroine)
  • Graphic and Vulgar language 


The Bleeding Mayhem MC… where blood, violence, and being an alpha reign supreme.

Claire left the Bleeding Mayhem MC two years ago after a club member named Big broke her heart. But her brother, Mayhem, and the MC are the only real family she has.

And Claire knew she’s going to need the club’s protection after what she’d gotten herself into.

Big, who got his nickname because of the equipment he’s sporting between his legs, had never forgotten Claire—the only woman he’d only ever truly wanted.

So when she showed up out of the blue years later, he knew it’d be hard to keep the past where it belonged.

But Big still wanted her in a bad way and had no self-control when it came to Claire.

Big took it upon himself to handle Claire’s problem the only way he knew how—with violence.

And no way was he going to let her run from him again.

She’d be his in every way. No matter what.

Reader Note: This was previously published under the same title. It has been re-edited. Content as been added and removed. For a list of TW/CW, please check out the author’s website.

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