So Good (Audio book)

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

-Audio book edition-


So sweet and young, so innocent and mine, even though I was crossing a line by simply desiring her. Forbidden. I should stay away, but in my mind I’d already claimed her, already made the decision I couldn’t let her go. If wanting her was wrong…I didn’t want to be right. I was still in high school, hadn’t even experienced the world, but I already knew who I wanted to spend my life with.


He was someone I could never be with, yet here I was, feeling him, touching him…being with him. It was all so perfect until it wasn’t, until my father found out…until my world was turned upside down. And through it all Matthew was there, telling me he wouldn’t give me up, wouldn’t let me go. But could he keep that promise during the fallout?

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