Dominic’s Touch

Wickedly Taboo, #1

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

Where do we draw the line between love and the forbidden?

Chloe isn’t supposed to want Dominic, not because of who he is, not because of what he is to her, but because of the complications being with him would cause. As she grows older, things change.

Life changes.

Love becomes tainted.

People are betrayed.

What she always thought would last … didn’t. Or maybe it never was supposed to.

And it’s when it feels like the world is falling apart that she finds her feelings for Dominic growing, changing … becoming forbidden.

As emotions peak, love is tested, and her life is turned upside down, it’s Dominic who’s there to keep Chloe upright. It’s Dominic who’s there to show her that no matter what, love can’t be wrong, no matter who it’s with, or what anyone else thinks.

*This story was previously published as Uncle Dominic’s Touch. It has since been re-edited, completely revised, and new, bonus content has been added.

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