Breaking In His Virgin

Release Date: NOW LIVE!


She’s been my best friend for more years than I can count. But my friendly affection for her has turned into something so much more.

I am in love with Marie but too afraid to tell her. No other woman compares to her.
She’s smart and hardworking, sweet and sexy, innocent yet made for temptation. And it’s because of that, because I want her so damn much, that I’ve stayed celibate, hoping one day Marie will be mine.

But it’s the threat someone making her another notch in his bedpost that drives me into action.

I should have made Marie mine long ago, but there’s no time like the present.
It’s time I show her that nothing will stop me from claiming her.

Warning: Hang onto those cowboy hats because you’re in for a sweet, dirty safe read! This celibate hero only has eyes for one woman, and he intends to make her his in every way!

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