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Exclusive first chapter of Affliction!

Chapter One The sweat running down the valley between my breasts was reminiscent of fingers moving along me. I was hot, my body flushed, my heart racing. Everything in me felt alive, ready to tear...

Meet Jenika

Jenika Snow, a USA Today Bestselling Author, lives in the northeast. She prefers gloomy days, eats the topping off of her pizza first, and wears socks year round.

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His profession was… https://t.co/Nn1n9FVMFQ

Something Fierce is now on Nook!

Nook: https://t.co/gopaKxs26m https://t.co/gopaKxs26m


Something Fierce is LIVE… https://t.co/QgG5S4YfQi


Something Fierce is LIVE early!

His profession was brutal, savage. Violent.

And it turned her on.

Amazon US: https://t.co/VMn2gPN4fj
Amazon UK: https://t.co/GRH5eqX2Ms
Amazon AU: https://t.co/dMLDJ5KBEN
Amazon CA:... https://t.co/VMn2gPN4fj

I've got a limited number of ARCs for SOMETHING FIERCE up for grabs <3

ARCs here--> https://t.co/fpNqy2NqDy https://t.co/fpNqy2NqDy

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