Until Forever (You’re Mine, 3)

She was the shy new girl who’d walked into class. I instantly knew we’d be inseparable.

Abigail and Max. That sounded perfect.

Everything about her mesmerized me, from her sandy blonde hair, to the sweet scent of cotton candy bubble gum that clung to her. And as the years passed, those feelings of infatuation I had for her grew to something so much more.

Bone-deep, soul-claiming love.

And now at eighteen, we were both ready to start new paths in life. I was ready to be a man and tell her how I felt. But was I crossing a line that couldn’t be uncrossed?

Would I ruin what I had with my best friend all for the hope she was in love with me, too?

But fear of the unknown had nothing on what I felt for Abigail, and damn any consequences that rose up by being honest with her.


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