The Barbarian’s Stolen Bride (Northmen Barbarians, 1)–paperback

Paperback edition

I was known as Fenrir the Destroyer, the taker of lives and castles, a brutal Viking warrior in the Kingdom of Kaldir. My kingdom.

My name traveled far and wide, and those who heard it knew their place… accepted their fear above all else.

I had riches beyond measure, my followers countless and loyal. But I was missing the most crucial part of my reign, of my ruling.

A wife. My queen. A mother to my warrior sons and princess daughters.

But there’s only one female who tempted my eye and made me yearn for more. And for years I coveted her and her alone, waited until I could provide for her without fail.

My Prima.

She’d once been a young sapling barely reaching my thighs, but she’d grown into a mature woman full of curves that made me ache.

She was the female I knew would make my filthiest fantasies come true.
Prima was so small, tiny compared to me, and every protective instinct I had rose up with a vengeance strong enough to level anything in its path. I’d always protect her without fail.
She was mine, no matter what.

And when timid, inexperienced Prima was finally brought to me—my conquest after years of being alone—I was a selfish bastard and wouldn’t deny myself from claiming her.

In the end, she’d surrender. Because beneath her uncertainty and innocence was a wildfire I was ready to let burn me alive.


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