Sparrow’s Flight (Savages, 1)

It has been five months since an immunization for the flu collapsed civilization.

Sparrow Gray has nothing but the backpack she carries and her thoughts to keep her company. Everyone is a suspected foe, and the ones unlucky enough to be infected are nothing more than walking corpses.

Mason and Asher found each other at an unlikely time. An ex-Navy SEAL and a back alley fighter, the two never considered themselves gay. But they find pleasure in each others arms, and don’t take that for granted. Then comes Sparrow, and both realize they want her as badly as they want each other, and they’re not about to let her go.

Their trip is filled with from, pain, and everything in between. But then Sparrow is taken by men who want to degrade and violate her. Can Mason and Asher get to her before all hell breaks loose?


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