Ride My Beard (Hot-Bites Novella)


My entire life I have been in love with one man. Ryker Stone. It doesn’t matter that he is more than double my age.

I don’t care about the whispers that say he’s too wild to ever be tamed. I like that he’s reckless.

He makes me feel like I can be uninhibited.

Truth is I saved myself for him. I belong to him.



I’ve had my eye on Lola for more years than I should admit. Her beauty drew me in, but it was her innocence that trapped me.

I shouldn’t want to claim her, but she’s all I desire. So I stay close and make damn sure no one else touches her.

I’m all wrong for her, but too damn stupid and hard up to stay away.

She can run, but I’ll follow. By the time it’s all said and done she’ll be riding my beard.


Warning: This is a short and over-the-top dirty novella that will have you searching out your very own dirty mechanic. It’s to the point and leaves nothing to the imagination, but then again, doesn’t everyone like it that way? *wink*


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