His for the Taking (After Dark Taboo): ebook

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After Dark Taboo offers short stories that cross every single line. If you don’t like taboo… these books may not be for you.


*Please heed the TW/CW for these.

I was arranged to marry a monster—the heir to the Italian mafia throne.

I didn’t want him, but he’d take what he wanted from me, regardless.

It wasn’t just for better or worse.

He was also my first cousin.



Non-con (rape) / Arranged marriage / Incest (MF, first cousins) / Dominance and Submission / Praise / Degradation / Spit play / Primal / Blood play / Marking / Knife play / Graphic and gory violence / Anal / Forced orgasm / Power Play Dynamics / Age gap / Choking—Hand Necklace / Breeding / No HEA