Ember (The Dragao, 1)

This was the only home I’d ever known, the only one humans had.

Alev was a world of heat, inhospitable terrain, dangerous lands, and the fearsome Dragao… dragon-shifting males.

I’d never seen one in person. Until now.

And he said I was his fated female and born to be his and his alone.

Azar was monstrous in size, had horns that curled back from his temples, claws tipping his massive hands, and sharp fangs that he said he’d use to give me his mating mark.

And apparently I was the only female to wake his inner beast.

Azar may treat me as if I was his greatest treasure, but he also refused to let me go. He kept me in his mountain cavern, giving me gentle touches and pleasures I didn’t even pretend to hate.

Fear should have been the only thing I felt when I looked at him, but when he stared at me as if I would give him the world—and heirs—it was hard not to fall for my big dragon-shifting mate.



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