*Previously published as Lilly’s Surrender. This title has been revised, reedited, and nearly 4k of new material added.*

Lilly has been friends with Riley, Christian, and Tallin since grade school. They were her protectors, the three most important people in her life. With Christian being the strong silent type, Riley being the brains and having compassion, and Tallin being the all-around bad boy, they all gave her something in their friendship that the others didn’t.

But then she moved away to start her life, and it was the hardest thing she’d ever done. When and unexpected tragedy brings Lilly back to the small town of Burkett, she turns to the men she loves the most. What she doesn’t expect is for her feelings to change to something more carnal and consuming. Crossing the line with Riley and Tallin seems wrong, but she can’t help herself, and it seems they can’t either.

She must decide if she’ll stay in Burkett and be with Riley and Tallin, or if running from them and her feelings is what she can handle. Riley and Tallin have made it known they want her as theirs in all ways, but can she give herself to both men?

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