Blackbird’s Fall

Savages, #3

Before the infection, Marius Blackbird worked as a scientist for the government. But now he’s just a man trying to survive in a world where infection turns people into mindless living corpses.

Maya Pointe has lost everything and everyone, and the isolation is slowly consuming her. But venturing off the property could get her killed, or infected. When she sees an injured man, she wants to help him, but strangers aren’t to be trusted. The humanity in her wants to help the only person she’s seen in far too long.

Marius wants Maya, but she keeps her distance, and rightly so. But as they grow to know each other, the attraction and trust between them builds. He wants Maya as his, wants to have her by his side as they rebuild their lives in their destroyed world. Can they come to grips with the reality that nothing will ever be the same, and that they only have each other?

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