A Beautiful Prison Epilogue

Reader note: Please be aware that this is a free read. So not to be confused, it is suggested that you read A Beautiful Prison before reading this.

Three years later

Gavin sat in the corner, the shadows concealing him, and the moonlight moving through the open window. The summer breeze ruffled the lace curtains, moved along the edge of the duvet that was over Ruby, and then touched the tips of her hair. He had been away on business for the last week, and even though it was the middle of the night, he had come home as soon as soon as he had finished with work.

The last three years had been filled with a lot of turbulent emotions: happiness, pain and heartache, healing and love, and then finally hope. Ruby was his, would always be his, and even if he didn’t need a legal document to prove that, Gavin had asked Ruby to marry him. They had wed a month later on the property, and seeing her draped in strands of pearls, that little lacy cream off-the-shoulder dress, and her dark hair falling over her shoulders, had made Gavin realize that this woman could destroy him.

He had bought her from a human auction block, knew that she was taken from her home, and sold to the highest bidder. He should feel shame that he had been the one to purchase her even all these years later, but the truth was he had never felt that emotion. And then after he had taken her back to the run-down trailer park that she had been living in with her mother, and Ruby had thrown herself back in his arms, he had known he would never let her go.

He had gotten a reversal of his vasectomy, because he knew one day he wanted a family with the woman that he had grown to love, to be obsessed and possessive of. And then a year after they had been together, locked away in his European home and enjoying each other in dark, delicious pleasure-filled ways, she had become pregnant. Although he had been prepared for this, and Ruby had known that one day they would share the joy of creating a family together, her pregnancy had still been a shock to both of them. Before Ruby Gavin had never wanted a family, never wanted a woman to keep for more than a sexual plaything. Ruby had been frightened, but deep down he had seen the anticipation of her holding a child, and of being a better mother than her own had been. Gavin realized that this young woman had made him see that without her in his life he was nothing. He was a shell of a man, a hollow, empty soul.

Then there had been the happiness.

And then she had lost the baby three months into the pregnancy. It hadn’t been because his appetite for sadistic pleasure had been too much, because the moment he had found out she carried his baby he had put his selfish desires aside. There had been nothing but sweetness and gentle touches from him, and that had been enough as long as his child and the woman he loved were okay. His desires that were dark hadn’t gone away, never would, but he had suppressed them.

But then there had been pain and heartache.

For months she had been in this cave of despair, consumed by her grief, and there had been nothing he did that had helped her pain. He had been tortured with her, and although she hadn’t been too far along, she had still been pregnant and it had been like a searing hot knife slicing right through his heart. Every time he had looked at her, and saw her tears or this far-away expression, that pain had intensified inside of him. Taking her into town to go shopping, or suggesting they go away to a private island and not think about anything, hadn’t gotten more than a shake of her head and her sadness intensifying.

But then the months had passed, she had started to heal, and he gave her more love than any person could possibly handle. He had taken time off work, just spending it with her, telling her that she was the only thing in his life that was worth anything, and that in time they could try for another baby. He wasn’t in a hurry, especially if they had to experience that pain again, but he wanted her to know that he was there for her.

He brought himself back to the present when he heard the soft sound that had Ruby slowly rising. The sheet fell around her waist, and he was pleased to see she was nude and had her pearl choker on. Since he had brought her back to the mansion three years ago he had told her he wanted her nude while sleeping, and that she was to wear the pearls at all times. It was his visual brand of ownership, but elegant enough that it accented her innocence and beauty.

He glanced down at the large swells of her breasts, and felt his shaft start to thicken. He was still seated in the shadows, and although it was voyeuristic, he grew even harder. Gavin watched as she stood, her body fuller now, and her hair long enough that when she had it in a braid and over her shoulder it fell past her breast. She grabbed her robe and slipped it on, and walked right by him without realizing he could have reached out and run his finger along her thigh.

When she was out of the room he slowly stood, removed his suit jacket and tie, tossed it over the chair, and went for his cufflinks. He headed to the room directly across from theirs. He leaned against the doorframe and watched as his wife fed their four-month-old daughter. Willasandra, or Willa as they often called her, had a thatch of dark hair and blue eyes that reminded him of the summer sky. Willa reached up and started playing with the end of Ruby’s braid, and his wife started humming a soft lullaby. He could stand there forever and just watch them.

They hadn’t been trying for Willa, and when Ruby had gotten pregnant he had seen the fear on her face. With each passing month that fear had gotten a little less, and then there had been hope. And then when his baby girl had been born and he had looked in her eyes for the very first time, this hardness that had always been a part of him had cracked fully away. He had the two loves of his life. The sadistic bastard that he had associated himself with for far too long realized these two females were the most important thing to him.

For long minutes all he did was watch Ruby with Willa. He could see his daughter’s eyes start to drop, and then she fell asleep. Ruby fixed her robe over her breasts, stood, and laid the baby down in the crib. For a few seconds he just stared at her, and then he turned and gave them some privacy. Gavin went back into the bedroom, removed his clothing, and headed into the bathroom to clean off. He ached for Ruby, wanted her soft skin rubbing along his, wanted her breathy moans filling his ears, and craved the sweet flavor of her on his tongue. He desired to see her body flushed red from his spankings, and wanted the indentations of the pearls he used on her to cover her form.

He took a shower, and once out and dried he stepped back into the room. The lights were still off, but he saw Ruby sitting on the edge of the bed. She was nude once more, the light from the bathroom bathing her front, and the moonlight washing the back half of her. His cock hardened instantly.

“I missed you,” she said softly.

“I missed you, too, baby,” he said, just as low, and turned off the bathroom light. He took a step toward her, looked at her full breasts, let his gaze slide down to her slightly rounded belly, and stopped at the bare crease of her pussy. She kept her sweet little cunt nice and bare for him, sweet and soft. She was his, and every part of her body belonged to him. Gavin could use her any way he saw fit, pleasure her until she screamed out for him to give her more. And he would do this because it was what Ruby wanted.

“I didn’t know you were coming back tonight,” she said on a breath, and he could tell she was getting aroused. Her breathing was changing slightly, her breasts rising and falling as she stared at him.

“How much did you miss me, Ruby?” he said on a low, deep voice, and felt his own desire rising higher.

“You know how much.” She stood, and then immediately went onto the bed. Now on her knees, her legs spread slightly, and the view of her pussy on clear display, he groaned low in his throat. “Every part of me aches for your touch and hands, for your breath and cock… I just want you, Gavin.”

She had a way to make it feel like his dick would explode if he wasn’t buried inside of her tight, wet, and hot pussy. He moved closer to her, and stopped when he reached the edge of the bed. He stared at her, took in every dip and hollow of her body. She had been tiny and thin when he had bought her from those human traffickers, but over the last three years, and since having Willa, her body was filled out. She was womanlier now, filled out in all of the right places.

“Lay on your belly, baby.” He watched as she listened to him immediately, and he gave an approving growl. He gave one of her ass cheeks a spank. “So obedient, Ruby.” Gavin moved onto the bed, spread her legs as wide as they would go, and stared at her pussy. Her cunt was red and swollen, and already so fucking wet. The fact her hair was still in a braid, and that he could see her neck and the beautiful choker wrapped around it, had his balls drawing up tight.

Gavin reached for the end table, opened the drawer, and pulled out the silk satchel that held the strands of pearls he used to pleasure her with. Taking the strand of pearls, he ran them along her back. She turned her head, closed her eyes, and parted her lips. Goose flesh popped along her arms and legs, and he bent his head and brought his tongue along the dip of her spine. Taking her hands and placing them at the small of her back, he used the reinforced pearls to secure her wrists. He then took the tether attached to it and hooked the clasp to the small hook on her choker. The length of the pearls now lay flush with her spine. Picking up the middle, he gave the strand a light tug until she lifted her bottom half off the bed and braced herself on her knees.

“Spread your legs wide, baby.”

She opened her eyes and made a small noise. His dick nearly tore through his pants at the sight. She was so fucking wet. He slipped his fingers through her folds, coated his digits with her cream, and then brought them to his mouth. Gavin couldn’t help but suck them clean. She tasted heavenly, and after being away from her for a week he felt starved for her in every way imaginable. And then he had his face buried between her thighs. He licked and sucked, swallowed her arousal, and growled for more. Spanking her ass cheek over and over again, he felt her flesh heat beneath his palm, and then started to do the same to the other cheek. The moans that came from her fueled his dark desire.

“Oh, Gavin.” Those words came from her as he removed his mouth from her pussy and placed his finger at her entrance. He pumped that finger in and out of her, and then added another one. Scissoring the digits, stretching her to be able to take his thick dick had sweat dripping down his chest. He needed this, needed her like he needed to breathe.

“There will never be anyone else for me, Ruby.”

She gasped out after he spoke.

“You’re mine. Tell me that you belong to me.” He gently bit her right ass cheek, loved that she cried out in pain and pleasure, and did the same to the other cheek.

“I’m yours. You know this.” She sighed. “I will always be yours.”

Gavin couldn’t control himself any longer. He straightened and removed his fingers from her body. After sucking them clean, he turned her head to the side, took her chin in a firm hold, and kissed her hard. He forced her to taste herself on his lips and tongue. When she was begging him for more he straightened once more and guided his dick into her.

Hand now on her neck, he pressed her face into the mattress. Gavin needed to make her know he was in charge, that he was the one that had the control. He might own her body, but she owned every single fucking part of him. His dick slid right into her welcoming heat, and he let go of the root of his cock and grabbed her waist. He knew he would leave pretty bruises on her creamy white flesh, but he needed to see those marks.

The sensation of pushing into her, feeling her clench around his length, and of her moaning out his name, nearly had Gavin coming right then and there. He started moving back and forth, and his balls drew up tight from his release rising to the surface.

“I’m so close, Gavin,” she panted out.

“Give in to me, baby.”

She mewled from the pleasure, and when he dug his fingers into her body harder she cried out from the pain. The air left him harshly when she squeezed her pussy muscles around him. He pulled almost out of her, but before he popped out he thrust back inside her hard enough that her upper body shifted forward on the bed.

“It’s so fucking good, Ruby. God dammit, you feel so fucking good.” In and out he moved within her, increasing his speed every second until his entire body was covered in sweat and a few beads from his temple dripped onto her back. Looking down at where his dick was deep within her pussy, he watched in voyeuristic pleasure as her pink flesh was stretched wide around him. “Is it good for you, sweetheart?”

She moaned. “It’s good. It’s so good.”

He was very close to coming, but he wanted to feel her clench around him as she found her own release first. He slowed his pace and slipped his arm around her waist, lifting her up. With his other hand he quickly undid the clasp at her neck, removed the pearls from her wrist so she was free, and pulled her back flush with his chest. He started pumping in and out of her faster.

“You’re going to come, baby.” He panted hard, doing everything in his power not to come before she did. “Do you understand me, Ruby?”

She nodded, but then breathed out her affirmation. Pulling out and resting the tip of his dick at her entrance, he slammed into her with so much force she nearly fell forward. He felt the first ripple of her orgasm move along his shaft. She tossed her head back, rested it on his shoulder, and cried out long and hard. This was what he wanted, her sweet, sweet surrender. He inhaled deeply and let his own orgasm come forth like a fierce animal taking control. Groaning out, he filled her up, marking her, fully claiming every fucking part of her. When his pleasure subsided, Gavin pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside her. She fell forward, breathing heavily and covered in sweat. He watched her, loved that she was gone in this moment, and then he brushed away a lock of hair that fell from her braid. After a few minutes she rolled onto her back and Gavin pulled her close. He just held her, and enjoyed that she was here with him.

Gavin moved the tips of his fingers along her forehead and down her cheek. She smiled, and the sigh that left her was one of content and of being thoroughly loved. When the sound of Willa crying pierced the silence, he kissed Ruby on the forehead and got off the bed.

“I can go to her,” Ruby said sleepily.

“No, princess. I’ll get her.” He grabbed a pair of lounge pants and moved out of his room and into Willa’s. She wailed in a tiny little voice, and he cooed at her when he got to the crib. His presence made her cry harder, and he picked up his little daughter and cradled her to his chest. He hummed softly and moved over to the chair. Once seated he started rocking, and soon Willa fell back asleep. He didn’t stop rocking, and when he glanced up he saw Ruby standing in the doorway. His life had come full circle, and the man that he had been before he had purchased Ruby, married her, and she had delivered their first child was better. He still had a darkness inside of him that only she could sate, but she was definitely his sweet masochist to his sadistic bastard.

She was the only one that could tame him.

“I love you,” she said softly.

“I love you, too, darling.”

She smiled and then turned away and went back into their room.

He was a better man now because of Ruby and Willa, and because of them he’d fight every day to be the husband and father they deserved.

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